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An Englishman’s Prayer

Today I am sharing with you one of my most favourite poems:

Lord, when I die, please let it be in Spring, 🌷

Let me see the swallows and hear a robin sing; 🐦

Help me to my window to see a butterfly πŸ¦‹

And watch the dreamy spiral of a lark up in the sky. πŸ¦…

Let me hear the bleating of a new born baby lamb, πŸ‘

The gurgling of the water as it overflows the dam; πŸ’¦

The busy, busy buzzing of the ever active bees 🐝

And gentle sound of breezes whispering in the trees. 🌲

Let me enjoy the scent of spring when it comes to my last day

For that will give me pleasure as I gently slip away.

And may the last thing that I see be a little baby’s smile: πŸ‘Ά

For all these things have made my stay on this old earth worthwhile.

An Englishman’s Prayer πŸ™

CREDIT: – Roy Hobbs –