About Me

My name is Emmalisa Louise. I am a lover of anything British, beautiful smelling candles and tea enthusiast, especially Twinings exclusive “London Strand Earl Grey” and I am an “English Tea Shop” enthusiast.



“To empower and create a platform for ladies to find inspiration and pull thoughts, ideas and advice together whether it’s beauty, fashion, travel or reading to discover and pursue a path of fulfilment.”

Core Values:

– To educate and empower women all over the world on learning etiquette and developing social graces and elegance.

I am currently studying How to become an Etiquette Consultant Certificate Course with IAP Career College online starting January 8th 2018.


Currently working on ideas such as:

“Business Etiquette Workshops”

Writing and collaborating for Bloggers and how to produce outstanding content

“How to be a lady”

“Working on a Finishing School Business”

”Self-Development” Course

”Self-care” and “Mindfulness” Program


I have gained some knowledge in the area from doing an etiquette course online with theEcourse.com and also did a modelling course with Tanya Powell Modelling Agency in Melbourne. I didn’t graduate but still hold priceless information!

In late 2018 I should be completing my Library and Information Services course with North Metropolitan TAFE WA. I am also contemplating on doing Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Ancient History). One of my main goals in life is to complete a Bachelor Degree in English Language or Comparative Literature and Languages and my dream is to study at Royal Holloway University of London. I can dream, right? I am most fascinated in museums, especially the Victoria and Albert Museum, and The British Museum.

I have also completed a course called “A History of Royal Food and Feasting” with the University of Reading online.


I also did the following:

“A History of Royal Fashion” explored the wardrobes of British kings and queens across five royal dynasties from the Tudors, Stuarts and Georgians to the Victorians and Windsors.

The course showed how surviving garments in the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection at Historic Royal Palaces can be studied alongside portraits and contemporary texts to investigate the relationship between individual royal style and wider fashions and trends.

Course components of the curriculum

Week 1 – The Tudors and how their lavish clothes were designed to project power, wealth and control

Week 2 – The Stuarts are centre stage to showcase how they dressed for leisure and influenced new trends through performance in an increasing time of conflict

Week 3 – Exploring the glamorous Georgians, their century of economic and social change, extreme fashions and an era marked by very public and very private monarchs

Week 4 – Moving into the reign of Queen Victoria, her own changing wardrobe and how technological advancements took fashion forwards

Week 5 – Welcome to the 20th century where the Windsors balance royal fashion with diplomacy and expectations in an era of mass media and celebrity

HIGHLY RECOMMEND Future Learn with leading educators and TOP Universities.


I am also doing “Start Writing fiction” with The Open University with Future Learn online for something on the side which you can do too! Check out their course on Genealogy: Researching your family tree.

I visited England in June 2018, and LOVED London so much!!!! and visited a family home, Arley Hall in Northwich, Cheshire so now I have an idea for a novel! It is a stately home where I would love to do a regency historical romance! If you go, make sure to visit Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace! And I LOVED Windsor as a town, Windsor Castle was amazing! I might do a blog post on that soon!

I have done a lot of courses with Future Learn online and will continue to update this page when I complete and receive my certificates.

I also completed Exploring English: Language and Culture with the British Council. I will include notes and material in the courses section.

My current course is:

Maximum Impact E-Courses with Katey Schultz

Maximum Impact E-Course,

‘Literary Stewardship & Marketing

I will continue to keep you updated with these courses I do, or my travels, and writing in my blog posts. I hope you get inspired, and that my fulfillments and achievements inspire you to do the same.




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Professional Reader


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