About Me

My name is Emmalisa Tilli and I founded this website/blog in late 2015. I am a lover of anything British, beautiful candles and Twinings tea, especially English Breakfast &  London Strand Earl Grey. You will find a lot about tea in my blogs!


I want my personal blog to be about striving for elegance and from anything ‘lady-like’ to etiquette, and graceful manners. My main aim is to help, guide and encourage young ladies (or any lady!) be the youthful, healthy and fashionable girls they can be!

I have gained some knowledge in the area from doing an etiquette course online and have also done a modelling course with Tanya Powell Modelling Agency in Melbourne. I didn’t finish the course because of mental health reasons, and because of that I am inspired to reach out to others, and help them be the best they can be! I am passionate about life in general and want to share with you things that I’ve learnt and done.

I am currently working on doing a course in Library and Information Services – Certificate III, but when finished, am contemplating on doing Bachelor of Arts (Ancient History), English Language, and possibly Cultural Heritage. I am most fascinated in museums, especially the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the British Museum, and genealogy, (as an interest) seeing that my ancestors originate from England. I am currently doing a genealogy course called “Researching your family tree” with the Univerisity of Strathclyde, and I have also completed a course called “A History of Royal Food and Feasting” with the University of Reading online. I am also doing “Start Writing fiction” with The Open University with Future Learn online for something on the side.

I plan on visiting London early 2018 and have a feeling that when I get there will want to move there, so MAY study there – will keep you in the loop!


“To create a platform for ladies to find inspiration and pull thoughts, ideas and advice together whether it’s beauty, fashion, travel or reading.”

Living an active, social life is beneficial, and that is what I aspire to, and I hope you can enjoy the journey along with me!!


Exquisite Emmalisa


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