About Me

My name is Emmalisa Louise. I am a lover of anything British, beautiful smelling candles and tea enthusiast, especially Twinings exclusive “London Strand Earl Grey” and I am an “English Tea Shop” enthusiast.



“To empower and create a platform for ladies to find inspiration and pull thoughts, ideas and advice together whether it’s beauty, fashion, travel or reading to discover and pursue a path of fulfilment.”

Core Values:

– To educate and empower women all over the world on learning etiquette and developing social graces and elegance.

I am currently studying How to become an Etiquette Consultant Certificate Course with IAP Career College online starting January 8th 2018.


Currently working on ideas such as:

“Business Etiquette Workshops”

Writing and collaborating for Bloggers and how to produce outstanding content

“How to be a lady”

“Working on a Finishing School Business”

”Self-Development” Course

”Self-care” and “Mindfulness” Program


I have gained some knowledge in the area from doing an etiquette course online with theEcourse.com and also did a modelling course with Tanya Powell Modelling Agency in Melbourne. I didn’t graduate but still hold priceless information!

In late 2018 I should be completing my Library and Information Services course with North Metropolitan TAFE WA. I am also contemplating on doing Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Ancient History). One of my main goals in life is to complete a Bachelor Degree in English Language or Comparative Literature and Languages and my dream is to study at Royal Holloway University of London. I can dream, right? I am most fascinated in museums, especially the Victoria and Albert Museum, and The British Museum.

I have also completed a course called “A History of Royal Food and Feasting” with the University of Reading online.


I am also doing “Start Writing fiction” with The Open University with Future Learn online for something on the side which you can do too! Check out their course on Genealogy: Researching your family tree.

I will be going to England in May 2018, particularly London and have a feeling that when I get there will want to move there, so MAY possibly study there, and write a book! – will keep you in the loop! I will continue to keep you updated with courses I do, or my travels, and writing in my blog posts. I hope you get inspired, and that my fulfillments and achievements inspire you to do the same.





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