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Royal Love Stories

With Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle’s wedding approaching this May, royal weddings and love stories are on everyone’s mind. This love for the royal family is nothing new though. For decades the public has come to admire what royal weddings embody around the world, especially when it involves an unlikely couple getting together for a fairytale ending.

That’s why I’m loving this visual from Invaluable that shares different and unlikely royal love stories from around the world. No matter their background or social standing, it goes to show just how powerful true love is. From Prince William and Kate Middleton meeting in their college dorm to Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III meeting at a photo shoot, the love stories behind these iconic couples is inspiring to follow, especially during the month of love!

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Top 10 Hygiene beauty tips for clear, glowing skin

Smooth, glowing skin is something that we all aspire to have. Eating a healthy diet filled with wholesome foods, drinking plenty of water and following a robust skincare regime is essential for clear skin. Unfortunately, even if you’re doing everything right, the pollution and acne-causing bacteria can still cause irritation and blemishes. Luckily, following these simple hygiene tips can help you to combat these negative effects:

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Parkour: London Guide

Parkour has become increasingly popular in recent years. In October 2016, Parkour was officially recognised as a sport by the UK – the first country in the world to do so. Following this, London has become a hotspot for Traceurs (individuals who practice Parkour) to work on their craft.

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The Amazing Benefits of Herbal Medicine That Can-Do Wonders for Your Health

Different herbs are medicinal and have been used for different ailments for thousands and thousands of years. Before opting to consume these herbal medicines, it gets important again for you to be aware of the different properties of herbs so that you remain well aware of what you are consuming and how it can be beneficial for you. Any medicine, be it a chemical drug or natural, cannot be taken without having some knowledge and basic information. It has also been proved that herbal medicines are beneficial in the long run and are safer as compared to the allopathic drugs prescribed by the doctors.

Preparation of Herbs:

The boiling of berries, barks, and different roots can offer you different decoctions with the required extracted ingredient. The strained liquid can be taken either cold or hot.

Tinctures are prepared by soaking different herbs in alcohol and water. The active ingredient is extracted and preserved.

Ointments can be made by combining a specific herb with either oil or fat, and later this is heated in a quick manner over boiling water and is then set.

Herbal Medicine Principles:

Herbal medicines are used for treating the underlying cause of a specific ailment. The herbalists take the total picture into account instead of just looking at the signs or symptoms. The right treatment is prescribed only after taking the life style and stress factors of a patient and studying the same.

Once the herbalist has decided on a specific course of action that needs to be taken then only herbs are prescribed. These herbs tend to restore the natural balance of an individual. Herbal medicines are used not only as preventive medicine but can also be used to boost your immunity system.

Reasons for opting Herbal Medicines:

1. It has been proved time and again that herbal remedies do work and can get beneficial in various situations. All you need to remember is to have a little patience as these medications are natural and very often take their time to show some effect. With the hectic lifestyle adopted by most of us these days, we want instant solutions to any ailment, but on every occasion, the quick remedy cannot be the answer to a problem. Herbal medicines take the larger picture and work in totality. Give it some time and wait for that almost permanent cure to your ailment.

2. Safety is a big factor when talking about medicines. Allopathic drugs have chemicals which definitely cause dangerous side-effects in the long run. These drugs are like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Let your body heal without any dangers with herbal medicines.

3. Herbal medicine is any time affordable as compared to the other drugs and can also be stored for a longer period of time as compared to the OTC drugs. Consequently, one can consider it as a wise decision to invest time and money on herbal drugs.

4. Herbal remedies are natural and thus combining two or more of these medicines are suitable. You can say they are easily customizable. That makes this whole concept all the more convenient.

5. These medicines are a natural hundred percent and thus absolutely safe. The number of ingredients put in these medicines can be adjusted in accordance with the requirement of an individual.

6. Combining chemical drugs with these herbal medicines is no big deal. All you need to do is take the permission from your doctor.

Herbs can be used in multiple preparations. You can use them in your tea, coffee or even meals. All you need to do is choose the right herb that can benefit you in an appropriate way. This information can be derived from the internet or you can consult a doctor for natural medicine. The benefits offered by herbal medicine surpass the benefits offered by prescribed drugs or OTC drugs.


Top 10 Tips for your Visit in London by a Londoner

Winter is on its way out and Spring is almost here, meaning that London is coming into full bloom. The appeal of warmer weather, an abundance of gorgeous flowers decorating the busy streets and the promise of longer days all make our city incredibly popular in Spring – just make sure you know how to deal with lily pollen stains if you’re heading for the parks!

Whenever you’re heading to London, it’s always a good idea to get some tips from someone who knows it well before you go. This is where I come in! As a Londoner, I’ve put together some of my top tips to help you make the most of your city break.

Avoid Rush Hour

If you’re travelling on the tube, bus, train or any other kind of transport, always, always avoid rush hour when you can. These times tend to be from between 7.30AM-9AM and 4.30PM-6.00PM. It gets super busy so avoid at all costs!


Plan Your Day

Before heading out, make sure you’ve planned everything. The places you’re visiting, the right tubes to get there, food places nearby – knowing what you’re doing and when will make your days a whole lot smoother.


Get an Oyster Card

If you’re planning on using the tubes and buses, definitely get an Oyster card. They make travel much easier and will save you a whole lot of both time and money! Head to a tube station to pick one up for free.

Buses Don’t Accept Cash

Our city buses are completely cashless, meaning that if you want to hop on you’re going to need either an Oyster card or a debit or credit card that uses contactless payment. We really are living in the future over here!


A Free Day Out

If you want to save some cash, there are plenty of things that won’t cost you anything in London. Pop to museums such as The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum or The Victoria and Albert Museum which are all free. If you’re lucky and the weather is good, take a stroll in a park. There are a lot to choose from: Hyde Park, Regents Park, St. James’ Park, just make sure you know how to get rid of lily pollen stains if you’re going in Spring or Summer!


We’re Not Big Tippers

Sometimes a tip will be included in the bill in London, but if not then around 15% should be okay. Staff won’t get offended if you don’t leave an exact percentage, though. A restaurant meal is the only time you should always tip, really – they won’t expect it in a bar, taxi or café, though it can be nice if you’ve received good service.

Avoid Shopping on Saturday

I would definitely stay clear of Oxford Street and Regent Street on a Saturday if you can help it. It gets super busy and your relaxing shopping trip will turn into more of a crazy ordeal. Check out quitter places like Redchurch street in Shoreditch for some quirky shopping spots you won’t find anywhere else!



Travel on a Bike

Boris Bikes are a cheap, eco-friendly and fun way to get around London. You can rent a bike from one of the many docks scattered around London and then pop it back into another one when you’re done.

Check Out Markets

We have loads of great markets that are on throughout the week, including in Camden and Brick Lane – two hot spots for lovers of all things alternative and indie. Check them out online and find one that appeals to you, whether you’re more into fine food, stylish clothing or quirky finds!


Places to Explore

If you’re in need of some inspiration of places to explore, here are a few popular areas of London that could be right up your street:

• Chelsea

• Notting Hill

• Camden

• Covent Garden

• Kengsington

• Greenwich

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and enjoy your trip!

Written by Guest Writer


She has worked as Editor at SHIFT London, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London and has a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Journalism with London College of Fashion. PLUS a features and fashion editorial intern for PAUSE Magazine and HEARST MAGAZINES UK

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Learn all about the delicious foods that the Lake District has to offer

Many visit the Lake District for its fabulous scenery, others for the great range of activities such scenery offers. From hiking and climbing to a simple desire for tranquillity, the region is a unique experience in England, and one so many visitors return to time and again.

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