Luxurious Lifestyle

Luxurious Lifestyle

I couldn’t help but share my new bag collection…… okay, well, I’ve had it for about a month, but I love the theme, the idea of a 3 in 1 bag, large, medium and small items that are so handy! For a nice evening Occassion I can just take out the third one, and everyday I can use all of them! I am so impressed with my set, and I completely love my collection.

I got it from a vintage shop in Westfield Whitford City Shopping Mall with 30 percent OFF  and it was the last one, so I HAD to have them! I have to apologise because I can not remember the name of the actual store.When I find out I will update this page with the information. I felt desperate for a nice London Bag! It was a desperately needed item! Haha and Just more to add to my “London theme collection”!

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“Old English” poems

“Old English” poems

Most old english pieces of literature and manuscript origins, authorship and early history are quite unknown. I particularly liked and picked up an “old English poetry” book from Scarborough library that I am absolutely loving. Sometimes I feel like it is a bit more eloquent than I could ever be! But my interest in English Literature is widening, and I especially like poems that have a biblical sense to it.

This book is made up of different ‘books’, for example, there is the Vercelli book, and the Exeter book, which has meaning behind the words.

It is a broad view of Anthology of British Literature, and there is a complete range of lyrics that I decided to pick ones I like and share them with you.

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A “British Blogoholic” at heart, “Burberry bling” & places to visit for 2017

A “British Blogoholic” at heart, “Burberry bling” & places to visit for 2017



I wish I could say the girl behind the laptop/computer was an energetic, engaging, imperturbable, diligent, hard-at-work type that studies all day, all night to create the perfect piece of a review, account or feature. The striving sophisticated lady that I am determined to establish is wanting to achieve and obtain more and more in life in general.

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The One Lovely Award!

The One Lovely Award!

I can’t believe I have been nominated for an award! Even though its just a nomination, It feels surreal, I never thought I would get nominated at all, and it feels special and exciting just to be in the running!


Happy Sunday!one-lovely-blog-award-badge1

It is a happy happy Sunday for me to be accepting this ‘One Lovely Award’ for my blog. Thanks to the L-O-V-E-L-YCiarra Lorren, thank you, thank you girl, you are a-m-a-z-i-n-g and I am also very sorry for taking too long but don’t get it wrong, my excitement is just as high as it was when I first saw your nomination, thank you for making me feel special 🙂 I don’t have words to describe your blog, I guess you guys will just have to go and see for yourself and let me tell you, you’ll thank me for sending you there, Ciarra is such a smart, stylish and sophisticated beauty and deserves all the followers she can get.



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How to “Own” it

How to “Own” it

  1. You are a woman wanting to achieve professional SUCCESS
  2. You want to establish qualities to help you work better and establish a successful career
  3. You are a lady who wants to take control of your destiny
  4. You want to gain high quality skills in the workplace
  5. You want to achieve true flexibility and freedom in your career


If you are any of the top FIVE points, then I highly recommend this book that I am currently reading.

It is called “Own it – The power of women at work” written by Sallie Krawcheck. You can find it on Booktopia for $37.90. Sallie Krawcheck is the Co-founder and CEO of Ellevest, an innovative digital investment platform designed to help women reach their financial goals. Her mission is to advance women in business, and she also is one of the highest ranked women to have ever worked on Wall street.



She says “There are many reasons to be optimistic about the future”, – the business world is rapidly changing, especially with technology in this day and age, and this book highlights how we can OWN it and embrace potential positive impact with businesses.

If you are a woman wanting to start a small business – this is for you.

If you are a woman wanting to learn how to grow your business – this is for you

If you are a woman wanting to learn more on how to gain success in business – this is for you


This book helps with:

  • life-long learning
  • acute awareness of meaning, and purpose
  • reaching long-term goals
  • and teaches the ability to OWN power in the workplace and in life


If your goal is to invest in your future, and take financial control of your life – you NEED this book.

To live life to full potential, it gives sound advice when it comes to your career.

It also gives excellent advice on investing your money and HOW to use it.

It has inspired me to take control of my finance life and learn how to invest properly, and how to save for my goals in life.

It teaches you how to become an accomplished financially savvy woman, and also gives you step-by-step instructions to take full control of your finances and advice on what is best to do when investing.

You want to get your financial goals in place?

These steps give you an established objective and help with putting plans, ideas, and methods in one place.

Want to achieve BIG?

Learning to track inflows and outflows – what you save is the first step to achieving financial goals in life, and this book teaches you how to do exactly that.

Sally also hones in on finding support in the workplace, which boosts your confidence, and  assists in succeeding greatly.




I love how she talks about ‘six distinct strengths that can make companies stronger, more profitable, the ability to see things holistically, relationship focus, longer-term perspective, a love of learning, and a drive for impact and meaning.’

She talks about the power in each trait in business, and how you can OWN that power, in order to advance your career, and then goes on to talk about managing complexity, and by building relationships and connections, it can elevate your career, and your reputation.

She puts into detail every single trait, and is fixated on being relationship focused, thinking long-term, loving to learn, meaning and purpose, and talks about amazing attributes to get ahead in your career!

It basically quotes “If you’re going to be successful, you have to pull together information in a coherent way and keep incorporating new information rapidly – you need to do it quickly and analytically.” You don’t have to be a research analyst to define success – success is particularly a big thing for women, and it is very clear.

It is a book basically about defining success, and asking, What does success mean? or, what does it take for people to see me as successful? No matter what industry or field you are in.

I particularly liked this quote “There is power in knowing exactly what your goals are and owning what it will take to achieve them”. – How great is that???

This book is basically a guideline for women in business wanting to be successful.

And also, networking is the number one unwritten rule of success in business.

Many ladies that are entrepreneurs, say that their ‘network can be absolute key for their successor their start up’.

What matters is ‘with whom and how you network’, and I absolutely believe this statement.

Sally also talks about failure – the one word we all dislike – but failure is part of the process, and you can learn to overcome it.

I particularly like how she hones in on empowerment – now that’s a word we all like – we hope to have that, instead of ‘failure’. I want the power to be financially stable, plus the power to do a master’s degree – this is what I want my success story to be.

She teaches how to invest your money – now I have invested my money in courses (My education), and have never finished them, which I feel sometimes is a total waste, but there is no investment ever wasted when investing in education, property, or life in general.

She uses illustrations to demonstrate investing, and diversified investment portfolios and how you can earn more by investing. “owning that money, is like owning power”.  She says, “Just as we can take control of our career, in the workplace by giving ourselves the permission to play the success game our way, so too, can we take control of our money by giving ourselves permission to approach investing our way.”

I love how she goes through life goals, and particularly this saying – “Planning ahead is the difference between actually achieving them and just dreaming about them.”

Lay out what you want to achieve in life, and the BIG things your saving for.

Through all these things, traits, and illustrations to back up her point of view, she teaches you to completely OWN your business, or being an entrepreneur or business worker.

I love how she talks about power, like it’s a woman’s thing – to be empowered, and successful.

I’m not pleading with you to buy the book, but like I said, if you are any of the top 5 things that are at the start of this blog, then I highly recommend you to get this book, buy it on Amazon or Booktopia, and write down notes to get you started in your business, or even if you are just a woman who wants to be at the top in your career.

You can completely learn how to “OWN IT”.



Exquisite Emmalisa

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